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About Ariku

Version 95.1

We're a group of experienced individuals that have been around the private server scene for awhile now. A couple of us have decided to band together in hope to create a fun and rewarding experience while enjoying the nostalgia of the game we have all come to love and remember. During alpha testing, you will be expected to report any bugs or glitches. Our rates will be set to the following 25x 5x 5x.

Our Progress

Source Development

Website Development

Our Downloads

You will need to download the setup and client separately. Once completed, run the setup file and extract the contents of our compressed file to the folder. Double-click the client.

Warning: It's been reported that Windows 8.1 users are expected to have major issues with the client. We suggest using VMWare.

Vote Rewards

Obtaining rewards from our voting system is easy. Click the vote button down below, once every twenty-four hours and you'll receive 8,000 NX Cash each time. Is that enough?

User Rankings

# Name Job Level
1 Kevin 3211 81
2 Silpheed 3210 61
3 sven 230 53
4 Zygon 3210 50
5 rednor 110 41
6 Death 410 41
7 Tree 100 24
8 Timn 1400 23
9 DeathGun 3300 20
10 Badlea 100 17