[Finished] Alpha Bug Fixes (Nov - Oct 15th)

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    Hi there, Maxcloud here!

    It's been a little over 30 days so we've created a compilation of bugs that we've squashed in the past 30+ days. What a milestone... :eek:

    Client Related
    • A resolution bug when using the highest resolution was resolved.
    • When closing the client, an AD balloon would appear causing the client to continuously run in the background. This is no longer the case and the issue has been resolved.
    • Users who have entered their pin for the first time and crash has been resolved.
    • Inviting someone to a guild when they're in a guild will no longer cause a disconnect.
    • Added the ability to drop cash items. (Credits to Senpai.)
    • Removed the "ap requirement" message. (Credits to Senpai.)
    Cash Shop Related
    • An issue with credits, NX cash and maple points has been resolved.
    • Using the wish list to reserve items in the cash shop has been resolved.
    • You can now purchase female clothing as a female from the cash shop.
    • Teleport rocks are now functional.
    • AP resets are now working.
    • There is no more level restriction when purchasing some cash shop items.
    • Meso sacks from cash shop now give the full amount of mesos.
    • Cosmetic Lenses are now functional.
    • Miu Miu the traveling merchant has been updated to sell potions, magnifying glasses, etc.
    • Gifting items from the cash shop will no longer return an error claiming their gender isn't correct.
    Character Related
    • Equipment potential stats was not being applied to the character.
    • Magicians now gain Hp when they level.
    • Party buffs to now applied to other party members.
    • Experience is now subtracted from beginners upon death.
    • User's no longer randomly sit down when mechanic's are using their abilities.
    Drop Related
    • User's experiencing a disconnection issue while hunting monsters has been resolved.
    • The PiratePQ drops have been fixed.
    • Equipment now has a chance to obtain hidden potential when dropped from monsters.
    • You no longer get NX cash for killing monsters.
    • All the magic powders have been reintroduced into the drop table, let the hunt begin!
    • We removed the prepaid cards from monsters. You will now gain nx cash for killing monsters instead.
    Ulu City
    Berserkie has been added to the database.
    Veetron has been added to the database.
    Slygie has been added to the database.
    Petrifighter has been added to the database.
    Montrecer has been added to the database.
    Duku has been added to the database.

    Updated Dodo.
    Updated Griffey.
    Updated Leviathan.
    Updated Lilynouch.
    Updated Lyka.
    Updated Manon.
    Updated Astaroth.
    Updated Krexel.
    Updated Pink Bean.
    Updated Zakum.

    Updated Fire Tusk.
    Updated Electrophant.
    Updated Phantom Tree.
    Updated Nibelung.
    Updated Ravana.
    Updated Stormbreaker.
    Updated Chaos Zakum.

    Equip Related
    • A few visual glitches regarding potential/upgrade scrolls and mounts have been resolved.
    • Equipment above Level 120 can now obtain potential lines.
    Shop Related
    • Items being bought and sold for profit has been resolved.
    • Purchasing stack-able items such as arrows in instances of only 100 has been resolved.
    • 100% GM scrolls have been removed from the shop(s). Ooops!
    • Magnifying glasses have been added to the shops.
    • Bullets and Throwing-stars are now rechargeable in any shop.
    • Meso exploit regarding refined materials has been resolved.
    • All of the npc shops have been re-done. (If we missed some, please report them.)
    • Magnifying glasses can be purchased from the general store(s).
    • Fixed a few shops within Kerning Square, Edelstein and Omega Sector.
    Skill Related
    • An error with some passive skills that increase hp and/or mp has been resolved.
    • An error with Body Pressure has been resolved. You will no longer miss, and the stun buff is now applied to monsters.
    • Wild Trap, Satellite and some other skills that decreased damage to 1-6 have been resolved.
    • The transformation skill for Thunderbreakers has been resolved.
    • You can no longer use Giant Mechanic SG-88 while in tank mode.
    • The Maker skill is now functional.
    • Fixed Rock n' Shock.
    • When activating Feline Berserk it now applies the correct stats.
    • An issue with summon's getting a "damage too high" message has been resolved.
    • The skill Mech: Prototype has been fixed and now applies the appropriate stats.
    • Fixed a disconnection issue with Body Boost.
    • Alchemist and Potion Mastery now work with mp pots, but still have no effect on percentage pots.
    • The skill Blue Aura for battle mage has been fixed. It now deduces damage.
    Quest Related
    • Battle mage job advancement quest (third job) has been resolved.
    • Updated the job advancement quests for Resistance and Explorers.
    • A bug with level 30 job advancement for Cygnus Knights has been resolved.
    • Magicians can now advance at level 8 (This was a questing error on our part, oops!)
    • Seeds/Rice cakes are now removed upon entering HenesysPQ.
    • The required amount of sunbursts to enter the boss has been reduced to 10.
    • Fixed a spawn issue regarding the Evan tutorial quest.
    • A portal issue has been resolved regarding 4th job advancement resistance quests.
    • The Dragon Rider quests and the party quest are now working.
    • The Zakum pre-quests have been fixed. You can only bribe Adobis to complete the jump quest and the cost to do so has been significantly lowered to 50,000,000 mesos.
    • The character information screen will now display the character's correct job.
    • You won't get two different notices when increasing the guild capacity.
    • When increasing the guild capacity, it will display the proper amount in the notification.
    • Creating guild alliances has been fixed.
    • You no longer speak to everyone using a megaphone.
    • The drop table has been revised again (Etc items dropping has resolved.)
    • The guild ranking board doesn't give an error-38 message anymore.
    • Pets are shown in the character information U.I. now.
    • Each party member's HP updates accordingly.
    • Pets now accept commands from their owner. A few other pet fixes have been applied as well.
    • An issue using skill books and mastery books has fixed.
    • A glitch when entering Verne mine has been resolved.
    • A glitch when entering jaguar habitat has been resolved.
    • The spawn rate has been tweaked a bit so monsters spawn faster.
    • All mini-bosses now respectively spawn based on their appropriate timer.
    • Monster spawning glitch in Pirate PQ has been resolved. There was way too many mobs!
    • The Hair, Hair Color, Face and Skin stylists have been updated and no longer require town specific coupons.
    • An issue with using a Revitalizer on a mount with less than 30 fatigue has been resolved.
    • Creating a notice in the Guild BBS will only show 1 thread now, instead of creating 2.
    • Hair Stylists that accept the town based coupon have been updated to accept the proper coupon.
    • Added confirmation when purchasing the fourth job advancement scroll.
    • The non-tradable potions in the shops have been replaced with the correct ones.
    • Hitting the trade button will now open the Universal NPC.
    • The @checkdrop command will no longer display the drop percentage of items.
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