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    This post will be updated with the latest fixes.


    • Internal Fixes.
    • The Camel Cab will charge you 1,500 meso per use now.
    • The Guild Rock will now show all registered guilds and their ranks
    • Fixed a few Resistance quests.
      • Protecting Surl.
      • Request of the test subject 3.
      • Nothing is more important than money.
    • The teleport at Dry Road: Hidden Portal is now working.
    • Energy Charge will no longer buff other people.
    • The Item Ignore List is now applied once the user logs in.
    • The exit, once Zakum has been defeated; has been changed too, El Nath: The Door to Zakum.
    • Expedition leadership is now passed correctly when the leader logs off/disconnects.
    • Fixed a bug that froze the client when spawning specific pets.
    • Fixed an error 38/disconnect with Jaguar-oshi.
    • Fixed an issue with monsters permanently being buffed during combat.
    • Fixed an issue with removing an item manually from the hired merchant.
    • Fixed an issue with Fredrick, he will show the correct message when retrieving mesos/items.
    • Equipment that contains HP/MP % is now applied to the user.
    The following monster drop tables have been updated.
    • Patrol Robot S
    • Transformed Doll Claw Game
    • Blue Perfume
    • Yellow Perfume
    • Pink Perfume
    • Firebrand [2]
    • Brexton
    • Papulatus
    • Green Cornian
    • Zakum [3]
    • Pet hunger and mount fatigue are dwindling at a rapid speed has been resolved.
    • An internal improvement regarding the use of monster skills.
    • Disconnection issues with the cash shop have been resolved.
    • The hair stylist's have been updated once again, using the following guide.
    • Body Boost now requires all 3 aura's to achieve level 10.
    • The potential (Hp %) is now properly calculated on equipment.
    • You can drag an expedition member to another party now.
    • You are now required to complete the quest (Secret Medicine
      Transformation) each time to battle Horntail, until the badge is obtained.
    • The skill Slow for Evan's, will no longer have an affect on the user.
    • Added a static message to non coded, non-player characters.
    • The amount of exp subtracted upon death has been increased
      from (0.01 to 0.08) when the user isn't in town.
    • The Item Ignore Pendant is fully functional now.
    • A bug with the ferry from Ereve to Victoria Island has been resolved.
    • A bug with portals and party quests has been resolved.
    • The portals to Construction Site B2 and B3 have been fixed.
    • A bug with items getting stuck on the edge of the map has been resolved.
    • The Antidote Marble has been added to King Sage Cat for the quest, Eliminating King Sage Cat.


    • Internal Fixes.
    • Added the Skull Megaphone to Tia.
    • Reduced all travel costs to 10,000 mesos.
    • The Blue Snail Stamp has been added as a global drop (0.14%)
    • The Stump Stamp has been added to Zakum. (100%)
    • The Slime Stamp has been added to Horntail. (100%)
    • Fixed the quest called; "Chasing Away The Foxes".


    • Internal Fixes.
    • The Hp formula for Battle Mage has been changed.
    • Pet hunger has been reduced to the bare minimum.
    • The Royal Hair Npc will no longer disconnect you.
    • Added Strawberry Popsicle and Chick Face Decoration to the gachapon.
    • Added Sparta (Level 100) to Horntail.
    • Added Brandish 20 to Dark Wyvern.

    Server Changes

    • The server meso rate has been decreased to 5x.
    Cash Shop Changes
    • Miracle Cubes, Gachapon Tickets, Super Megaphones, Item Megaphones and Meso Sacks have been visually removed from the Cash Shop.
    • The price of the Miu Miu Merchant has been changed to 4,400nx each. However, this item isn't removed upon use anymore, rather it expires in 24 hours time.
    Drop Table Changes
    • Dragon Spirit and Dragon Scale drop rate has been reduced to 0.20%
    • Smiley, Neutral, and Frowny Mask drop rate has been reduced to 1%
    • Enchanted Scroll drop rate has been reduced to 0.14%
    Miscellaneous Changes
    • Internal Fixes.
    • When creating an explorer with a pre-existing character equal to or above level 30, the user will be prompted and asked if they would like to skip the tutorial.
    • Mia will no longer exchange maple leaves for experience.
    • Horntail has been revamped and now includes the pre-heads.
    • The experience rate will now remain at 1x until you've reached level 10, then the regular exp rate will increase to 4x and the quest exp will increase to 5x.
    • Party quests will no longer give a percentage of exp based on your level. Instead, they will give a flat rate of exp.
    • Tia will no longer upgrade scrolls, instead she'll sell Super Megaphones/Item Megaphones in the Free Market.
    • Golden Maple Leaves now have an exchange rate of 3% each way.


    • An issue with speaking in the expedition chat has been fixed.
    • Fighting the Yeti in Mushroom Kingdom now requires a party of 1.
    • Experimental fix for Holy Symbol.
    • Removing items from the wish list in the cash shop has been fixed.

    Skill Changes
    • Blue, Dark,Yellow Aura can now been seen in third party view.
    Drop Table Changes
    • Scorpion no longer drop Mithril ores.
    • "Mirrored Target 20" has been added to Blue Kentaurus and Chief Oblivion Guardian.
    • The Piece of Time has been changed from 0.03% to 0.14%.
    • The Enchanted Scroll chance has been changed from 0.70% to 0.45%.
    • Gachapon Tickets have been added to the drop table at a 0.16% chance.
    • 70%, 60%, 30%, 10% scrolls chance has doubled. ;)
    Miscellaneous Changes
    • A few portal issues have been fixed, including the Golden Temple mini dungeons.
    • A few Golden Temple, Explorer and Resistance quests have been fixed. (Including Hog Mount, Water trade, Maker Skill quest line.)
    • The quest rate has been changed to 5x for users above or equal to level 10.
    • The pet merchant in Orbis has been fixed.
    • The Suburban Area 1 monsters drop table has been fixed.
    • Items and mesos will no longer disappear too quickly.
    • An issue with not losing a percentage of exp upon death has been resolved.
    • The Christmas Event has ended.
    • The Transmogrification system has been removed.
    Potential Overhaul
    • The potential system has been overhauled. (Click here for the latest guide.)

    • Bosses including mini-bosses can use their skills now.
    • Helmet Pepe's now drop their helmet when they're defeated.
    • The drop rate of Black Scale has been changed to be rare but fair.
    • Happyville will now take you back to the town you came from.
    • The Camel Cab will transport you back and forth now.
    • You no longer require a level 64 Katara for a level 64 Katara.
    • Jr. Sentinels in Orbis tower, no longer drop the tutorial item.
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