[Finished] Game Update #11

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Updates' started by Maxcloud, Dec 8, 2018.

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    • Sending an avatar super megaphone won't glitch in the top right corner permanently.
    • Engagement rings won't crash and give an error 38 message anymore.
    • Hired merchants are now functional.
    • Cash item effects are now visible to other users.
    • Summons attack on their own now.
    • Fixed an issue with widescreen monitors and tabbing in/out.
    • Fixed an issue with Spinel showing three blank options.
    • Fixed an issue with a portal when entering Shumi's Coin jump quest.
    • Nett's Pyramid no longer gives mob points.
    • Streetlight's now drop streetlight bulbs.
    • Red Porkies no longer drop the internet cafe version of Abyss Shooter.
    • Bung's Mama's shop has been fixed.
    * A new client is required for this update. Multi client has been removed.
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