[Finished] Game Update #9

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    • Stacking potions will no longer disconnect users.
    • The slot sorter/organizer is now functional.
    • The slime boss in kerning pq now drops the pass to complete the quest.
    • You can now properly leave a family.
    • Equipment has a chance to obtain potential upon dropping from monsters.
    • The free snail will pass in the respected time that it's suppose too.
    • The ore refiners have been reverted back to the refining npc(s).
    • An issue with the first zakum pre quest has been resolved.
    • Thorns now applies critical % and damage.
    • Battle mage aura doesn't stack on party members anymore.
    • The aran combo count will no longer be reduced to 0 when using a skill.
    • Ores, Garnets and Crystals have been implemented into the drop table.
    • Cubes no longer drop from mini bosses.
    • The channel count has been reduced to 6.
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