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    Welcome, or welcome back!

    There has been a wipe on November 2nd, 2018.

    The first open alpha was not that great to say the least, and we're happy about it! That's right, we expected things to go wrong and errors to take place and we expect the same thing to happen again. Certain things will go wrong or you might feel something is unbalanced, but all this is natural and changes are constantly being made to suit the community before official release.

    Our goal is to create a community based server where people work together in achieving their in-game goal. In general, we want our players to work together and form a nice bond with each other. So far, we've worked with the community in fixing over 80+ bugs, added an online monster codex to our website to assist users in their journey and we haven't stopped there. We started monitoring the progress of hackers and people using exploits. I will only say this once; we've always been aware of people cheating on the server during alpha. We are turning a blind eye to these types of actions during alpha. Adjustments will be made in the future to combat these type of activities, but for now we're allowing it, if you make someone aware of what you're doing. If you're caught doing something that you have no intention on reporting, you will be removed from Ariku permanently.

    One more thing, server updates. Each day around 8pm (-5 GMT), we will be providing you with server related updates. (If we have updates. :) )

    Have fun breaking the server again and feel free to leave a comment below. Tell us how we're doing!
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    i am so hyped for this!!! i can't wait to test it out again!! :) :) :)

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